Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

n conjunction with its affiliate, American Planning Corporation, National Capital provides a wide range of recurring and event-driven services to financial institutions.

The services listed below are a representative sample of the ways in which National Capital can assist banks, thrifts, boards of directors and potential investor groups. If you have a specific need not discussed here, please contact us for information on ways we can be of service.

Strategic Business Planning

Tired of looking at the dusty binder on your bookshelf labeled "Strategic Plan"? Remember the frustration you felt after the last time you tried to lead your board through a planning session? Our approach to Strategic Planning is designed to relieve that frustration by assisting you and your management team in the following areas:

  • Vision and Development (Why are we in this business? What are our core competencies and unique attributes? Where do we want to be in three, five or seven years? What values do we consider inviolable and how do those values shape our organization?)
  • Reality Checking (Are the elements of our Vision realistic and aligned with each other?)
  • Strategic Goal Setting (What limited number of tasks MUST be accomplished in order to reach the Vision?)
  • Progress Monitoring (Are we moving toward the goal, or spinning our wheels?)


INFLECTION, n. The act of bending or turning from a direct line or course. From time to time, every business enterprise comes to an inflection point -- an opportunity to change course, enter new lines of business, expand its locations or product/service offerings, etc. Sometimes, these changes are minor and require no outside assistance. In many cases, however, the first few steps into a new project or venture require more time, energy and effort than are available within the organization.

These projects may include:

  • Regulatory Assistance
  • Branch Pro Formas and Applications
  • Market Expansion Analysis
  • Bank Holding Company Formation
  • S-Corporation Election
  • Holding Company Leverage


Whether in response to regulatory requirements or internal interests, National Capital can create a long range financial model to provide management and directors with a reasonable, rational target for financial performance and growth. Using historical financial data and input from management, we will craft a five, ten or twelve year model projecting one or more endpoints based on various growth scenarios, economic and competitive considerations, strategic alternatives, etc. This long range model is integrated with American Planning Corporation’s ProphetPlan annual planning system and can be finely tuned to show the effects of leverage, capital injections, branching, market expansion and other strategic concerns. 


National Capital has extensive experience in the formation of de novo financial institutions. Since 1997, we have worked with over 25 de novo groups, including the two largest de novos in Louisiana’s history. We can provide in-depth guidance to groups interested in forming a new bank, build all necessary financial pro formas and business plans for use in regulatory filings and capital raising activities, prepare deposit insurance and charter applications and advise on a number of strategic issues related to the formation process.

After the chartering phase is completed, we are available for ongoing financial advisory engagements to assist in the critical growth years of the new institution.


National Capital has a wide range of experiences with custom, "one of a kind" banking projects, as well as various "run of the mill" tasks that may require knowledge, skills, time or experience not available within the organization. Please contact us to learn more about the services we are able to provide.